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Go All In for Monmouth Women's Lacrosse during Giving Days 2024! Join us in celebrating the academic and athletic achievements of our student-athletes and ensuring continued success for current and future Hawks.

A gift of any amount makes a difference and brings us closer to our team goals. Please support today by making a gift designated to the Women's Lacrosse Enhancement Fund. 100% of your gift will be allocated to the women's lacrosse program. 

For Giving Days 2024, Monmouth Women's Lacrosse hopes to raise enough funds that could be used fulfill several program upgrades. Our goal is to raise $25,000.

Here are a few examples of upgrades we could make:


This is an item that the Power 5 schools have made mandatory for all games. We can provide this resource to our referees when playing at Monmouth to both enhance the quality of refereeing during our games but also provide a tool that is expected at the highest level institutions. The cost of these 4 piece headsets is $2,400


One major area of our budget that requires supplementation to organize properly is fall ball. Game officials costs are between $1500-1800 per game ($500-$600/per refs with 3 refs per game), so whether we host or travel ($1705-$2405 RT bus + $525 in post-game meals) we are spending around $2500-3500 per competition date, of which we are permitted 5 per fall by the NCAA, totaling between $10,000-$15,000 for the fall season. 


The importance of fueling our players pre and post practice and games is at an all-time high. We have installed a refrigerated fuel station inside the locker room stocked with snacks and small meal replacements. Our goal is to enhance this effort with higher quality fuel items to maximize nutrition and help with recovery efforts. The yearly cost for our fuel station is $4500.


As a staff we have incorporated an annual trip into NYC for team bonding purposes. The day includes a ferry ride into the city then a team activity (the Met, Ice Cream Museum, and Cycle for Survival). The trip costs us $90-$120 per player each year ($48 ferry ticket, $40-$60 activity ticket). Many of you had the opportunity to experience one of these trips while here, and we love that it has become a staple yearly experience for our players! Average cost $3000.

Let's Go All In for Monmouth—your support matters!


Dollars Raised Leaderboard
Thank you for all of the support you've shown our students!
Rank Fund Raised
1 Women's Rowing $65,265.00
2 Football $58,410.45
3 Women's Lacrosse $28,821.00
4 Women's Basketball $21,866.00
5 Men's Lacrosse $19,817.00
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1 Alumni 852
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6 Student 147
7 Past Parent 54
8 Faculty 43
Alumni Association Board of Directors Power Lunch Challenge
Thank you for your generosity! The Alumni Association Board of Directors unlocked an additional $650 donation to the Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund.
75 / 75 Gifts
Austin Family Women's Lacrosse Challenge
The family of Stacy Austin '04 will gift $500 to Monmouth Women's Lacrosse. Thank you to all of our generous supporters for meeting this challenge!
$5,000 / $5,000 Raised
Total Gifts Leaderboard
Thank you for all of the support you've shown our students!
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1 Football 283
2 Women's Lacrosse 268
3 Women's Basketball 170
4 Women's Rowing 138
5 Men's Soccer 104
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5 1980-1989 36
6 1970-1979 36
7 1960-1969 10
8 Current Student 6
Alumni of the 2000s Challenge
Thank you! Because we receive 150 gifts from alumni who graduated between 2000-2009, alumna Chelsea Kmiecik '05 '08M has unlocked an additional $500 donation to the Access Fund, which supports scholarships for students with unmet need.
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Trautman Family Women's Lacrosse $4K Challenge
The Trautman Family has made a $2,000 gift to the Women's Lacrosse Enhancement Fund that will matched with an additional $2,000 from an anonymous donor! Thank you to all of our loyal supporters for meeting this challenge!
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Women's Lacrosse Giving Days Support
Rank State Gifts
1 NJ 78
2 NY 39
3 PA 36
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